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Kevin Moss

A wintery week with interludes between rain hail and snow fishing well.The beauty of Millbuies is that it doesnt get effected much with winy conditions with its seclusion and shelter from the wind due to its location and surroundings of woods.The natural insect life here is prolific and wets can work very well and no doubts when warmer conditions,dry fly fishing can be exceptional combine this with the wild enviroment of the lochs and peacefullness makes for a fishing trip to remember.Some of this weeks returns were,Barry Oldfield who had 12 fish with his heaviest a 4lb 8ozs fish,A Commack 12,W Salmond 8 fish best at 3lb 8 ozs and a bag weighed in of 6lb 8ozs for 2 fish,E Collins 6,B Studholme 4,K Ritchie 4 and J Graham 5,Alan noble enjoyed a 6 fish tally and David Reid and his boat partner had 27 between them,Alan Steveinson in the float tube had a couple of fish best at 3lbs 8ozs.  It has been mostly intermediate lines or floaters with sink tips to find fish due to colder conditions.But despite this all fish have fought well and Blues have been returned also.Both top and bottom ends of the loch are fishing well,but in th emain around the deeper parts of them.Flies to use cats whisker,damsels,cormorants,hares ear nymphs and pheasant tails being the pick.It is not a loch that responds too well to indicator and blobs as some discover, being a wild water as such and so much natural insect present.