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It's been rather a difficult week for fishing with a North/North East wind prevalent all week and low temperatures discouraging the fish from working in the upper reaches and leaving little alternative to fishing the depths with a variety of lures. The best fisher of the week was undoubtably the Osprey which has again returned and is helping itself to two meals a day. How welcome this is depends on your viewpoint but with slightly coloured water even the Osprey drew a blank on some of his forays.

This week saw most anglers struggling with lower numbers and catches of 2-4 fish was the norm and only a handful managed to exceed this figure. Among the most successful was:

S Fraser, Macduff, 10 fish, (Buzzer/Olive Fritz), L Thomson, Aberdeen, 6 fish, (Blobs), A Murray, Gardenstown, 5 fish, (Various Lures).

The forecast for next week is not particularly encouraging but some improvement is predicted. Hopefully the temperature will rise and encourage more active feeding in more settled conditions. However, one must consider the joy of landing a fish when all around are struggling.

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