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There's a real buzz at Lochter
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                                          There`s a Real Buzz at Lochter.
The weather may not exactly have been boiling last week but the surface of the water at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum was absolutely boiling day after day as the biggest buzzer hatch   in years erupted sending the trout into an absolute feeding frenzy. As the clouds  of flies came off the surface so the trout pursued them ,jumping and splashing in their enthusiasm to scoff as many as they possibly could.
The surface action provided reassurance to the many visiting anglers who could see that there were plenty of fish to be caught once they had worked out how to tempt them away from all the naturals.
On Monday Mike Livingstone from Alford came up with a successful combination of dries and emergers and ended with twenty one to his name. It was nice to see Davy Gill down visiting from Tullich Fishery .He used a size fourteen black ant and ten trout were tempted with this tiny morsel. Four other visiting anglers who had travelled a bit further were Ian Donald from Monifieth, Tom Murray from Temple, Ian Syme from Glamis and David Seager from Edinburgh .They had a wonderful day using buzzers ,shipmans and cdc`s  with seventy eight fish between Well worth the visit chaps.
As the week progressed word got around and buzzer men decended on the fishery. Some amazing bags were achieved as the trout continued to feed hard. B Gray had twenty six. A Murdoch thirteen, D Limond eleven, A Fraser fourteen, M Murray and I Bailky from Kemnay thirteen each, S Pringle twenty eight and E Pringle fifteen. Finally the Mackays ,Ernie Snr and Ernie Jnr locked horns in the usual family tussle twice in the week.On Thursday Snr had twenty to Jnr`s sixteen and on Saturday the auld heid  again triumphed by twenty nine to twenty one.
At the time of writing the water continues to be dotted all over with rising trout as the buzzer hatches go on ,so the fishing promises to be brilliant.
Entries are still being taken for the 1500 sponsored Summer league .This pairs competition gives anglers of all levels of expertise a chance to compete, gain experience and who knows maybe win the top prize of 1000.Entries will close soon so contact Stuart on 01651 872787 or 872000 without delay.
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