Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes trout and Coarse fishery
« on: April 08, 2012, 21:11:12 PM »
A very good week of fishing after the influx of fresher water had settled down and again Browns made appearances for anglers and good ones .Tommy Anderson returned a beauty of 6lb 2ozs among his 14 fish,Gordon grant had 12 and among them was a 5lb Brownie but even better returned a fish if 12lbs,Chris johnston had 17 fish with two crackers of 7 and 6lbs,barry Oldfield had 15,Aaron Lownie had 10 and two firsts for junior anglers Liam Thompson aged 9 had his first fish on the fly at 1lb 13ozs and Kelsey Kearney had a 1lb 15 ozs fish.a big well done to them both and great to see the kids on the fly catching their first fish.

 The coarse loch was alot slower after the new water as it cooled down and didnt see much action with only the occasional fish being caught some did get some good runs from the bigger fish.heavy groundbaiting doesnt help much in this loch and only causes lower catches and really is not required.


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