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Millbuies Trout fishery (boat only) W/e 8th april 12
« on: April 08, 2012, 21:09:08 PM »
Another good weeks fishing had here with the emphasis on the sport rather than numbers and size caught.Despite this the main catcher fly was damsels on intermediate lines as water change helped freshen things up and got the burns running.Jimmy Rhind had an 8 fish session best at 5lbs,S wilson had 7,best at 3lbs,A Baird had 6 upto 2lbs,N Hart had 3 to 2lbs,Kieran Gullet had a good session with 10 fish and a bag of 7lb 9ozs with fish of 4lb 7oz and 3lb 2ozs on small wets and nymphs fished slow and deep.Again the main comments were on the quality of the fish and how hard they gave an account of themselves.There was some blanks and 2,s and 3 fish per angler as fishe were deep and floating lines used needed long leaders to get sdown to fish.

All boats here do need to be booked at the Glen first and main stock sizes here are 1lb 8ozs to 5lbs with Blues and rainbows.Keys for the day session are picked up in the morning at the Glen and staff pick them up at Millbuies at the end of day session, then pass them onto the evening boats at Millbuies where they are picked up at the end of the evening session by staff or if you leave early the keys are placed in the box at Millbuies.If no boats are out during the day, the keys are picked up at the Glen of Rothes.So the only times keys are picked up for the fishing is first thing in the morning or if no boats are out during the day the evening boats pick up at the Glen.Staff pick keys up at the end of each session or are placed in box at Millbuies for staff to pick up.


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