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Kevin Moss

Millbuies trout fishery(Boat only)w/e 2nd April
« on: April 02, 2012, 16:18:27 PM »
Millbuies first week of opening continued to fish well and it was good to see fish now rising in the lochs,no doubt with the cold temeratures forecast this will put them down again.Over 60 anglers have enjoyed the rejuvanation of the lochs in its first week.Best flies have been damsels,cats whiskers in small hook sizes on an intermedieate or sinking lines.The most comments from anglers is how hard the fish fight and the quality of them, not the how many or how big.there has been some good fish weighed in over the week upto 5lbs 2ozs and some have said they have lost some bigger fish.Even wild browns have been caught to 2lbs and returned.the blues have done well and are in great condition and put up a fight 3 times the size they are.Donald Patience had 22 ,Peter Rae had 10,Tommy Anderson had a 4lb 11ozs,Ben Grundie had 2 good sessions with 22 and 37 with his best at 5lb 2ozs,David reid had 14,Si Neely had 7 with a 3lb 110z and nearly all anglers caught well overall.Its worth noting that boats do need to be booked to avoid disappointment and the routine for Millbuies is on the website.


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