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Kevin Moss

A very good week of fishing complimented by the very good weather although around lunch time it did go quiet when the heat was at its highest.Later on the fish did respond well coming for small flies such as suspender buzzers,buzzers in black and olive and in the lures cats whiskers,vivas and hares ear nymphs were best.Best fish of the week fell to Dr George McKay at 14lbs 6 ozs on a silver budgie,this was well over wintered from last year and fought very well.Danny Munro had a Tiger trout,stuart Anderson had 12 fish including 2 browns returned,John Milne had a 6 lber returned,Dave McGregor had a nice fish of 4lb 2ozs,Phil Rogers had 13,Dave Templeton had 16 on buzzers and a long leader and Peter Sutherland had 12 fish.Fishery is now open untill 8 pm with the last session starting at 6pm. Coarse Loch:- the fish here have started to come to the net now that the warmer weather is here.Carp,good ide to 1lb,Bream have been caught mainly on sweetcorn and pellet off the pole.Some of the larger Carp have been hooked and lost.But its good to see them moving now and should only get better.

DrGeorge McKay with his 14lb 6ozs overwintered fish.