Fishing The Fly Forum

Kevin Moss

A very good week of fishing with signs of spring making the fishing more comfortable in better weather and smaller flies working their charms on fish.Wind being the only deterrant but didnt stop good fishing and fish coming to the fly.Beetles did well and yellow dancers along with buzzers and also daddy long legs took fish.Tiger trout were around and Jim watt had 2 around 3lbs returned along with a nice Blue of about 6lbs,William Thompson had one at about the same size,jamie Hay had a brownie of 2lbs,Grahme Taylor had a Brownie of 3lb 8ozs approx,Jim Walker a 4lb rainbow and Nicky Bremner a 3lb 8oz rainbow.Average per angler was upto around 7/8 fish each.Fish are high in the water now and floating lines are doing best and any deeper than the top layer you will be going passed the fish.Fish which have been caught are fighting well and in top condition and have really overwintered very well. Coarse loch:- The fishing improved this week and anglers had some decent sport with the right bait.Maggot did very well and Nicky Hone had a good day with ide,bream,carp and a golden orfe.Richard Salt had ide and roach as did Toby Box which is good to see silver fish feeding well.Heavy groundbaiting is not required here and a whole tin of sweetcorn in one go will not improve anyones chances of getting fish rather the opposite.Forget what you see on the tv and fish to the water itself and its surroundings.Natural baits are far better on this water