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Bags of Fish and Bags of Fun
« on: March 05, 2012, 16:40:25 PM »
                        BAGS OF FISH AND BAGS OF FUN.
All over the country anglers are suffering from withdrawal symptoms .Many fisheries and rivers close for the winter so it is no surprise when blessed with a spell of unseasonably fine weather out they come anxious to shake off the cobwebs and have a cast.
Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum which like the Windmill Theatre never closes saw an influx of anglers during the week all out to test their skills and enjoy themselves. What a time most of them had; the trout clearly were enjoying the weather and were willing to play ball,most of the time.
C Duncan had what he described as an “exceptional day” catching and releasing seventeen on black and green nymphs and Grahame Reid had a “great day” with twelve on buzzers .
G Anderson returned one of 14+ lbs caught as part of his bag of sixteen using Kate McLarens  and a Pink fly. His fishing buddy G McArthur also had a terrific time with a further sixteen to his name.
All manner of flies seemed to be doing the trick T Hay and G Hay used all the “B`s”,buzzers blobs and bloodworms and between them bagged twenty six all of which were carefully returned. E Mackay tempted thirteen on buzzers, John Rench seventeen N Smith eleven ,D Simpson ten and numerous other anglers,good  bags of seven or eight.
It is always nice to see others enjoying their sport and there were certainly plenty of happy face a Lochter this week.
HH    5/03/12


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