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Haddo - what a great fishery - thanks Mike
« on: September 22, 2006, 21:35:57 PM »
Last weekend with the Railway Fly Fishing Club – Edinburgh, we had the pleasure of visiting Inverurie and fishing in three fisheries in the area. It was a great fishing week end, but out of the three fisheries, Haddo was the one, that took us by surprise, and it will be in our minds for a long time. On our arrival to the fishery we were welcomed by Mike Barrio, a true gentleman amongst fishermen. Mike introduced us to the fishery, running over the details of the place, the fish stoked and general fishing talk.
By then we already felt at home, and once we got into the water and the firsts reels started to scream, we knew that Mike’s introductions was nothing but accurate.
We had the pleasure of catching and released 101 trouts (not bad amongst 10 people), all great quality fish. Blues, Rainbows and Brownies, with a great fight at every take. Mike even convinced one of our guys to have a shot at the floating tube, and I think that he actually converted this chap into this fishing technique.
Overall Haddo is a great place to fish, and this all due to the great work of Mr Mike Barrio, to whom we are very grateful, and wish to visit in the next season.
Dario   :z4

Mike Barrio

Haddo - what a great fishery - thanks Mike
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2006, 00:59:12 AM »
Hi Dario

Welcome to the forum  :z16

Many thanks for the very kind comments ......... I'm really chuffed that you enjoyed yourselves.

I'm sure you will have had a great time at Insch and Lochter too  :cool:

Best wishes

PS: Where do you normally fish down the road?
Perhaps you can tell us which of the fisheries you feel we should visit if we are in the Edinburgh area.

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Haddo - what a great fishery - thanks Mike
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2006, 20:56:30 PM »
Hi Mike,
Insch and Locheter were fun too, good fishing... however I personally like fisheries with a more natural feeling, when the place looks too tidy and better than my back garden, is not the same feels less of an adventure.

Our head fishery in Edinburgh is Harlow, great place in Edinburgh, bank fishing dawn till dusk for £10.00 and six fish bag, regularly stocked with Rainbows, average above 2 pounds. But like everywhere else, you can have a great day and some terrible days when nothing happens.

Check their website

I'll be away on hols, (family hols - no fishing hols), so I'll catch up on my return.


Dario :z4


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