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Fine Weather and Fine Sport
« on: 27/02/2012 at 14:18 »
                        Fine Weather and Fine Sport at Lochter.
In the words of private Fraser in Dads Army “We`re a` Doomed” and according to the panic pundits it is global warming that is going to get us. With the area enjoying temperatures in the lower teens during the week ,almost unheard of in February, more than one angler at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum was heard to say “If this is Global Warming ,give me more”.
Conditions on the waterside have been exceptional and fishers who would not normally cast a fly until Easter have been tempted out of winter hibernation to make an early foray.
The temperature hike brought the water to life with trout showing on the surface all over the lochs. Anglers were able to use a variety of methods to attract the fish with everything from blobs to buzzers working .Jimmy Rhind had a great day  using cats and buzzers He had eighteen to his name keeping three and releasing fifteen. Graham Murray grassed nine and W Thomson and L Davidson had eight each.
J Weir found that the fish fought well but still managed to wrestle nine to the bank, all of which he released to fight another day. The Mackays renewed their family competition with Ernie Snr edging out Ernie Jnr by fourteen to ten, a change of fortune from the Rabbie Burns Pairs result the previous week. Black peacock spiders  worked for Robert Hassin who tempted ten while Diawl Bachs were the choice of John Brown and nine nice trout were suitably impressed .Willie Preston had seven on Orange Fritz  and Scott Brebber eleven using Kate McLarens and PTN`s and all in all most anglers found a formula which worked for them.
The forecast for this week is mild again but we should not get too complacent as one old-stager pointed out we still have the “Teuchit Storm” and the “Gab o` May”  coming our way. We could still all be “drooned” .

HH.   27/02/12