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Easter Egg run, aberdeen, this weekend.
« on: March 27, 2007, 13:51:34 PM »
I know its not really fishing..but its a good cause...

Every year us local bikers get together several times a year to raise money and give presents to various groups around Aberdeenshire. This years EGG RUN takes place this comming Sunday down at the Beach Bouleavard in Aberdeen at 12:30 for 13:00.

Even if you do not have a bike, please come along with an egg or two and hand them into the "egg van man". The bike convoy and van then visits various childrens homes, orphanages, care homes and residential schools in and around Aberdeen and concludes at Aberdeen Sick Childrens Hospital.

Besides this being a great cause, its a chance to see one of the biggest gatherings of bikes in Aberdeen and to see some very interesting machines.

Please try to make the effort, even if it is to drop off an egg and dissapear...




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