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Artloch Fishery
« on: March 26, 2007, 12:29:19 PM »
Sorry about the lack of recent reports, but the loss of a family member, trips to Coventry, Go Fishing Show and a new website have taken up a great deal of my time.

Artloch Report

Artic conditions at the beginning of week, ending up with bright sunshine at the end - what a week.   Still, the fishing has been good and a wide variety of flies, e.g. Yellow and Black Buzzers, Bloodworm, Black WSW, GRHE, Nomad, Black and Orange Fritz, Cormorant, on intermediate lines have attracted some good fish and numbers.  Examples include P Harat with 13, I Sutherland persuaded 17, M Yeoman had 6, best at 5 lbs, again during a short visit and C Wink couldn't quite make double figures with his 9, having lost a similar number.   W Rainnie tempted 17 while J Eva released 12, as did G Gordon, both best at 6 lbs.

NE Challenge Report

The 1st match of the 2007 NE Challenge, sponsored by the Elgin Angling Centre with Lureflash products, took place on Sun 25 Mar.   The weather was ideal to start with, but in the afternoon, the sun came out, the wind changed and the fishing slowed.   During the weigh-in it was clear that it was going to be a close match, but at the end it was the Bill Bain Anglers who came out on top with a total bag of 27 fish for 62 1/2 lbs, with the Gordon’s in runner-up spot with 24 fish for 55 lbs 1 oz.    The Kintore Angling Club came 3rd with the Seaforth Angling Club in 4th place.   The Donside Fishers who could not manage a team were awarded 5th spot.   The 2 fish ticket for the fish nearest 3lbs 2 ozs was won by Kevin Smith.   Best bag went to Peter Wilson with 14 fish for 33 lbs 10 ozs, 2nd was Tony Jenkinson with 12 fish for 23lbs 10 ozs, followed by Ian Sutherland again with 12 fish, but for 23 lbs 2 ozs.   John Ewing weighed in the heaviest fish at 7lbs exactly and some good sized fish were released during the C&R phase, including a number between 5 and 8 lbs and one double figure fish.

Full report on new website: - comments gratefully accepted, particularly if problems.


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