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Haddo Trout Fishery ( to March 26th )
« on: 26/03/2007 at 00:52 »
Hi folks  :cool:

There has been a bit of a "buzz" about the water at Haddo this week, with plenty of midge activity and a good few olives and stoneflies around. Pearly Pennell, black Pennell, black spiders, damsels, buzzers, black Fritz, Cormorants and Hare's Ears have all proved to be productive flies.

John Chalmers enjoyed a grand 5 hrs sport catching 41 fish up to approx 16 lb, Stephen Rankin had 18 up to 12 lb, Jim Finnie 25 up to 9 lb, Dave Olley 12 up to 6 lb, Fred McAlley 13 up to 4 lb and Jason Brown 18 up to 7 lb. This may all sound far too easy, but many anglers were just as happy with one or two fish for their session, especially Mike Livingstone with his three trout, a 6 lb blue, 6 lb 9 oz rainbow and another cracking rainbow which looked to be over 12 lb. George Murphy only had the one fish for his efforts .......... but it was a hard fighting trout estimated to be approx 17 lb.

On the competition front, Graham Hartley is the first angler to fish his Grampian League session at Haddo, getting off to a good start with a max entry weight of 15 lb when he netted 16 fish up to 16 lb. Kevin Neri was also pleased with his Haddo Winter League entry this week when he tempted 32 fish up to 11 lb for his 4 hours, returning a couple of days later and catching 25 up to 10 lb!

(below) Kevin Neri

(below) Stephen Rankin

(below) Mike Livingstone and his "ghillie" Mark Jones.

(below) Mike Livingstone

(below) Mike Livingstone and Mark Jones

(below) Graham Hartley

(below) Jason Brown

(below) Cammy releasing a fish on his maiden voyage  :cool:

(below) Nick on his maiden voyage  :cool:

(below) Dave Olley