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Lochter Report - Trout are Deeper at Lochter
« on: November 28, 2011, 11:16:23 AM »

                              There was quite a change in the weather during the past week as temperatures dropped and snow appeared on the hills up along the Don valley. We recalled that it was the same  week last year that the snow started seriously and all the lochs at Lochter were frozen over. It was therefore much of a relief when by the weekend temperatures had lifted a tad and the threat of being snowed in had subsided.
The change in temperature did however have a substantial effect on the fish and the fishing as trout went deeper and anglers found that intermediate lines and lures were the thing to use to contact the fish.
Steve Corsar worked out the correct combination and ended with twenty two to his name using a variety of mini lures. White minkies were the choice of John Rench and Ed Ross and they ended up with eight and seven caught in very windy conditions.
It was interesting how on different days different colour combinations worked. John Parsons had nine on Black and Green lures, D Limond landed eleven on olive and black, A Greig stuck to orange fritz and bagged eleven.
There are plenty of big trout coming out much to the delight of the anglers. A Robertson had a nine pounder in his bag , John Reid an eight pounder, G Howie a seven pound specimen and Charlie Gray the fish of the week a fourteen pound plus thumper which was weighed in the net and carefully returned.
Anglers will find that the fish will remain deeper but on the warmer days there will be some surface activity and there will also be action in the margins as the bigger trout chase after the minnows and sticklebacks.

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