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Buzzers and Blobs
« on: September 19, 2011, 10:34:42 AM »
It was great to see last week the name of Doris Day feature once more at the top of the musical album charts with a set of tunes plucked from the archives. I well remember some of her earlier hits including that cracker from the film Calamity Jane called Buttons and Bows. Well buttons and bows were not on the menu at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum but buzzers and blobs certainly were.
The weather was more settled and the fish were very active with plenty of natural fly life to keep them interested. Harry Kemp made a great start to the week with fifteen on black buzzers and top lady angler Lesley Johnston had a fine time landing eight again on small buzzers. Davy Wood deserted his wsw`s and opted for hoppers when he saw plenty of surface activity and was rewarded with a nice haul of twelve.
David Simpson used a crafty mix of buzzers, daddies and diawl bachs and was delighted that thirteen trout were suitably impressed and were duly netted meanwhile D Simpson was top blob man with a terrific bag of nineteen trout.E Mackay and E Mackay Jnr from Aberdeen were in good form in their mini competition with Jnr just edging it by fifteen trout to thirteen.
On Sunday in less than ideal conditions plenty of fish were  still being taken. M Pirie had ten Paul Cahill eight and Fraser Sinton ten .The black buzzer was again the most successful fly on the day.
The weather forecast is for more of the same which should mean continued good fishing with plenty of surface action.When if things turn colder the fish will switch to fry feeding ,herding up the minnows in the shallows before plunging in among them Then it  will be time to look out the minkies and sparklers to tempt some of these big predators.

HH 19/09/11


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