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Hoppers and Daddies Score at Lochter
« on: August 22, 2011, 17:31:37 PM »

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us and the air is full with wasps who seem intent in landing in your coke cans or drowning in your pinot grigio. These whilst colourful  are not particularly enjoyed by trout .Then there are  big juicy hawthorn flies and crane flies (aka Daddy Long Legs) and they are much loved by trout as has been obvious during the week.Many a daddy longlegs has been seen to disappear into the hungry jaws of a trout as it skitted across the water of the Muckle Troot Loch.
What it meant for the observant angler was plenty of action using the artificial version of these flies. Kev  Allison from County Durham tempted eight  and eleven on two visits using black hoppers while daddies worked for C Duncan who had seven,W Barbour who also had seven and Albert Trail who had ten.
Various floating variants like klinkhammers and sedges were successful for John Leslie, John Freeland, Roy Milne and C Mckinnon and the cool water has meant that the fish are fighting well and hard .
Traditionally the autumn is an excellent time for anglers with fish feeding hard to put on a bit of condition before winter sets in and with no sigh of a late heatwave anglers look set for a bonanza over the next few weeks.

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