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delgatie castle trout fishery
« on: March 04, 2007, 21:43:21 PM »
Quite a slow start to last week but as the week wore on fish became more active and some good bags were recorded, lures such as yellow dancer, blob and fritz patterns are still the main choice of fly for the anglers and the fish.
Turriff angler T Novak landed 20 fish on a bunny leech with his best weighing in at 4lb while L Stewart banked 17 to 6.8lb also on a bunny leech.
J Fielding bagged 19 to 6lb on blob and fritz lures while F Murray boated 17 to 4lb on yellow dancer. L Davidson banked 13 to 5lb on a blob while C Gerrie landed a fish of 11lb in his bag of 11. G Wood and R Loukes also landed 11 to 4lb both on lures while L Baxter bagged 10 to 3.8lb on lures. G Bothwick landed 8 on buzzers, best at 4.8lb while W Kerr and N Robertson both had bags of 7 to 4lb on lures.
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