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Where Has the Summer Gone!?!
« on: 25/07/2011 at 11:41 »

                                    It has been rather  irksome than to see on the weather reports fine balmy conditions with temperatures in the lower twenties , gentle zephyrs and no rain ,in other parts of the country, while up in the North East we have been suffering perishing cold and wet with the wind howling round the nether regions and other parts. At the weekend it was shirt sleeve order with clear blue skies at Glen Muick while at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum and all along the coast it was cloudy cold and very windy. That was the bad news ,The good news was the it did not put either the fish or the fishermen off and on windy Sunday Stewart Henderson had a great day with ten nice fish attracted by a cats whisker/bunny leech combination. Also scoring well in the wind was Ian Adam who kept two and released twelve using bloodworms and bunny leeches. Earlier in the week it was not quite as windy and buzzers worked well for  A Daniel in the more sheltered water behind the trees, and he netted ten while Ian Morrison tempted twelve with his black buzzer rig.Albert Trail had eleven on snatchers ,John Parsons eleven on blobs and Robert Hassin eleven on stimulators including one at 13lbs plus.Daddies and big floaters also had their moments.
All in all there were plenty of fish to be caught and a variety  of successful methods. The forecast is for improving weather but stimulating enough to keep the fish active so prospects remain good.
HH 25/07/11