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Mixed Weather Keeps the Fish Feeding.
« on: 25/07/2011 at 09:21 »
                                 The so called summer continues with some “nae bad” days interspersed with plenty of “ nae guid” ones. The trout at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum appear to rather like this combination and have remained active at a time of year when high temperatures can cause them to go a bit torpid. That said, they still take a bit of catching as they do have a big selection of natural food to choose from and anglers have to experiment and ring the changes to find what is working best.
Anglers who have experienced these conditions before have a definite advantage and can really score well, that has been the case over the past week. Top scorer was Ronnie Ewan who is acknowledged as being able to winkle trout out in the most adverse of conditions. On his two visits during the past week Ronnie caught and released twenty two and twenty fish mainly caught on cormorants and diawl bachs. Diawl bachs also worked well for John Brown who netted fourteen keeping two and returning the rest while the combination of cormorants and small damsels was the successful choice of J McCain who tempted a dozen.
When the sun shone and the trout dropped into the depths lures on intermediate lines were the order of the day. Jock Ewing had nine and Jim Fraser eighteen on wsw`s with Jim having a nice eight pounder in his bag. There were times when floaters and buzzers scored and S Menzies caught eight using that combination. Most anglers managed to find a combination which provided them with sport and with the mixed weather set to continue there will be plenty of action to be had both up in the water and down in the depths.
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