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River Annan 19-23th May
« on: May 29, 2011, 18:10:23 PM »
A short Annan report. We arrived to Moffat , Thursday afternoon the 19th. Before dinner we had a look at the Upper Annandale beat and had a chat with a flyfisher. He gives us an idea of fishing the Aplegarth beat on Friday.
The morning started with rain showers. Hard to find any parking on the narrow roads, but near to Kill pool we got off the road and walked over a field.  At midday the sky cleared up a bit, now with the breeze. The pool looked nice but the best fishing should be from the other bank, unfortunately no fishing from that bank. During the day we saw some activity of upwings and small trout.

Saturday was real windy. The hard rain comes at midday. We fished the same Applegarth beat as yesterday, now at Archwood Farm. We locketed a decent trout, who was up twice to Beatis. I was quite sure Mrs. would hook it, but nae.

End of my Pheasant tail nymphs, and I found this nice fella.

Sunday to Glasgow, and a couple of hours in Glasgow Angling Center.
Monday came with storm and rain, no fishing. Shopping in Moffat´s whisky shop. A Blair Athol 12 and Mortlach 15 years. :cool:
At thuesday we had the flight and end of our tour, but the volcano came in between. :z8



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