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Lochter Report
« on: May 09, 2011, 13:31:09 PM »
Lochter Report

Now that election fever has died down the big decision this week at Lochter was what tactics to elect to catch a fish.
The landslide victory on that score went to those who put their x in the buzzer box.
W Milligan on a trip up from Kirriemuir got 9 fish on the buzzer. Using the same method Tommy Graham got 9 for his day, John Donaldson 10 and Terry Daniels from Ythanbank 13, one being 15lb which was safely returned.
Special mention goes to David Simpson from Aberdeen who caught 10 fish for his day as well as a brown trout estimated to at least 10lb in weight which he returned safely to fight another day.
The alternative vote was for those who made good use of various damsels. Albert Trail got 10 by that method with Robert McLay landing 16, and D Inglis had a great day netting 25 fish.
This Sunday, 15th May sees the S.A.N.A singles qualifier heat being held at Lochter.
This affords you a great chance to qualify for the final and which could lead you to represent Scotland in the Stillwater team for 2011.
The final is also being held at Lochter in June so this is a great opportunity to use your experience and knowledge of the fishery on a competitive stage.
Entry places for the heat are still available so phone Lochter on 01651 872787 to book your place or enter on the day. The competition starts at 9.30am.


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