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Hamish Young

Achagour 28/4/11
« on: April 29, 2011, 08:49:14 AM »
Apologies, no pics. I managed to put new batteries in the camera and then left it on the kitchen table  :oops

She who must be obeyed expressed an interest in coming fishing with me - so I could fish and she could read a book - and as we've been busy this week doing domestic 'stuff' only a half day was really up for grabs so out in a boat was really not on the cards. As it happens, I fancied trying one of the fisheries near-ish to me for a wee event I'm planning for a works outing so off we headed to Achagour near to Nairn and not far off the A939

It was warm and overcast and there were fish rising everywhere - manna from heaven for dry fly and emerger fishing. Oddly, most folk seemed to be chucking out half a budgerigar on fast sinking lines and wondering why they weren't enjoying as much sport as I was on small-ish dries and emergers. Odd that  :wink Once chap did come over and ask what I was using, I gave him one of my very few spare deer hair bibio emergers (a version of Allans Bibio emerger) and he immediately started catching.
Fortunately, Rachel wasn't too bored and whiled away the 5hrs (well, probably left after 4 hrs to be fair) C&R ticket which cost me a tenner (good value) I had 13 fish ('bows, blues and browns) to about 3.5lbs. The best of which, or at least the most memorable, was one about 2lbs and very much an over-wintered fully finned beauty which had me into the backing a couple of times.

A promising first visit to the fishery which is, IMHO, a lot more scenic when you're there compared to the pics on their website - you soon forget there's dirty great electricity pylons running plumb across the fishery. Worth a visit :? Yeah, I'd say so. Although there's plenty of nice lochs full of wild fish all around if you need that 'bow 'fix' Achagour represents very good value and is clearly very well looked after. A nice place to visit for a few hours.

My next outing is going to be river and I'll be after (hopefully) big brownies :wink Next time, I will remember the bloody camera  :z4

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