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Kevin Moss

glen of Rothes weekly report
« on: 17/04/2011 at 19:48 »
A superb week of fishing as fish came up to the surface with an appetite and the kate Mclaren pulled fast was the key under a floating line,white fritz also had its share,but it was definatly small and black they were after.Evenings have been exceptional with fish covering the surface and cdc,s when conditions were right offered excellent sport.Even the browns are taking well,Andy Fraser returned 2 at 2lb.8ozs among a haul of 36 fish,William Leask had a brown of 1lb 8oz as did Nicky Bremner all good wild browns.ricjie Kelly had a good session with fish of 4lb 3 and a 2lb 7oz blue in among his 9 fish,Best fish of the week went to ghillie Blair Banks with 12 fish and a beauty of 10lbs 8ozs which was pristine and took him for a merry old dance till coming to the net after sripping him to the backing 3 times,Ian Sweeney had his best day with fish of 5lb 2 and 4lb 1ozs,daniel mcLaughlan had a nice fish of 6lb 8oz,Jim Walker a 7lber,Neil campbell 8lber,Mick James had 10 best at 4lbs,Jim Eddie a 5lb 5oz,Allan Catto had 14 best at 5lbs,Marc Moss had 29 fish and his best at 4lb 9ozs,many were into double figure catches and barry ward had 12,Robin Leggat had 10,Gordon Grant 19,Ian surgeon 10,susan Surgeon 9,Dave Leitch 15,Declan Graham 9,Steve Urwin 25 and Barry Purcell with 11 fish.T Mcintosh had a good fish of 5lbs 2ozs to end the week on a high.Places are now limited for the Scottish Bank International on 30th April and anyone interested should contact the fishery soonest if you are interested in fishing and representing your country.The fishery will be open to everyday anglers also with only the small loch being used.Anyone can fish it and is good experience for any angler for the future.Road surface has been done so please respect the 10mph speed limits.