Fishing The Fly Forum
A busier week all round with more settled weather although a rise in water temperatures would encourage activity. The fish are feeding at variable levels and adjustment to fishing tactics have been very important. Some anglers are still operating with sinking or intermediate lines and lures, whilst others have now changed to floating lines with Buzzers and Nymphs. Both methods have been recording success. In the afternoons this week it was nice to see occasional insect life and fish are breaking surface more frequently. Some good catches were recorded this week with the leading anglers being;

L Davidson           Macduff            21 fish      Black Buzzers / White Fritz
P Cowie               Fraserburgh      19 fish     Lures (various)
J Dewar               Fraserburgh      13 fish     Buzzers
M Ewen jnr          Turriff               13 fish       Olive Buzzer
J West                 Fraserburgh      12 fish     Cat's Whiskers
K Mackay             Macduff              9 fish      Lures

and the following anglers all account for 7 fish each;

G Wright             Buckie                Nymphs
S MacLean          Fraserburgh       Lures
N Thomson         Turriff                Buzzers
J Cutter              Inverurie            Hare's ear

This Saturday (2nd April) sees our Troutmaster fish off, with the competition between regular anglers to the fishery. The venue will be open as usual to non competitors with adequate provision made for their enjoyment of the facilities.

All anglers entered in the competition should be ready to fish at 9.00am  :z15

For futher information or details of the venue phone Bob on 07980 999006.