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Haddo Trout Fishery ( to March 14th ) New
« on: 16/03/2011 at 15:29 »
Hi folks :cool:

A very quiet week at Haddo, the return of the snow and the bitterly cold winds were not exactly ideal conditions for sitting in a boat.

Fly preferances remained pretty much the same as last week, with the addition of the Golden Olive Bumble and Snatchers perhaps :wink

Baz Robertson endured very strong winds on Thursday morning without much action, but the weather improved later on in the day and he tempted around 20 fish up to 10 lb, including some nice brownies and his boat partner Alan Ramshaw enjoyed similar success with 20 fish up to 5 lb on his first visit to the fishery. Ewan Lindsay netted 11 fish up to 3 lb for his session, Jan Bowen 10 up to 4 lb, Noel Kelly had 8 including a cracking 5 lb brownie, Alan Birnie 7 up to 4 lb, Bill Anderson 5 up to 5 lb and Graeme Ellington netted 5 fish, best a 3 lb brown.

Best wishes

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