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Artloch Fishery
« on: 05/02/2007 at 12:29 »
Having finally cleared the ice from the previous week, the very varied weather conditions last week certainly created some interesting fishing at Artloch.   By way of an example, the water temperature was a balmy 6C one day but the next it was down to 3C!   In these conditions, getting the tactics right can be challenging.    

Despite the conditions, some good fish were taken, albeit not in large numbers with only one angler getting into double figures.   J Walker's bag included a good 7lbs 12 ozs bow that went straight to the smoker and R Wood's bag included a bow at just over 8lbs.   J Rennie visits were successful with bags of 8 and 9, including a fully finned 12lbs bow that took it's revenge by breaking his rod tip!   W Rainnie released 7, best at 3 lbs.   Visitor K Sligo put it down to beginners luck with his 9, best at 5 lbs, while P Gray and B Long were happy with their 8 and 9, best at 6 lbs in difficult conditions.   Top rod was P Green with 11, best at 6lbs.