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Mike Barrio

Haddo Trout Fishery ( to February 5th )
« on: 05/02/2007 at 00:37 »
Hi folks

Haddo has produced reasonably good sport to the boats again this week, considering the conditions that we've had. Kevin Neri tempted 24 fish up to approx 8 lb for his 4 hour winter league entry session, Keith Crocket 14 up to 6 lb, Henry Lockhart 11 up to 5 lb and Fred McAlley 16 up to 7 lb  :cool:

Iain Cameron, Rod MacKay and "Kipps" Kerr braved the cool conditions in their float tubes and were all rewarded with a fish or two, Rod and Kipps both demonstrating their enthusiasm for the sport by enduring leaking waders!  :shock:

From the boats, Stuart Spence netted 12 fish up to 7 lb, Robin Wilson 12 up to a 7 lb blue ( there have been a good number of cracking blues caught this week ) Roy Billington 10 up to 3 lb, Scott Sim 10 up to 4 lb, Kevin Smith 7 up to 9 lb, Iain Armstrong 8 up to 9 lb and Stephen Davidson tempted 14 up to 12 lb, including a couple of 6 lb blues  :cool:

Richard Carter from Derbyshire visited the fishery for the first time and met up with Dave Batty on his way to the hut who told him the story of his first visit to Haddo, when he caught a lovely rainbow of approx 12 lb. Richard caught 3 fish on the day, but guess what, one of them was a cracking cracking rainbow of approx 12 lb .......... how uncanny is that!  :wink:

Junior angler Andrew Lockhart was full of his usual enthusiasm and "fun" on Sunday. Andrew caught 3 fish up to about 3 lb, but was unlucky and lost a few, including a really big fish that he had been playing for a good while, disappointment that was probably made a tad worse by the fact his Dad caught 5 including a 10 lb rainbow  :cry:

Best wishes
Mike Barrio

(below) Rod MacKay

(below) Keith Crocket and Bill Main

(below) "Kipps" Kerr

(below) Stephen Davidson

(below) Iain Cameron

(below) Richard Carter