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delgatie castle trout fishery
« on: February 04, 2007, 20:21:50 PM »
Delgatie continued to fish well with only the flat calm and sunny conditions of Saturday putting a spanner in the works.
A Anderson had a good session producing the top bag of the week and the top fish of the week with 28 fish and one over 12lb taking his lures while R McKay had three good sessions landing bags of 14, 14 and 12 to 6lb also on lures. G Bothwick banked 11 to 7lb on buzzers while A Simpson and D Brown both landed 10 on lures, I Watt had 9 to 7lb on buzzers, P Adam had 9 to 5lb on lures and C Knox had 9 to 4lb on lures.
R Hambly bagged 7 to 5lb on buzzers while G Burton landed 7 to 4lb on bloodworm. B Ewen had one of 12lb in his bag of 6 while J Donn landed one of 7lb in his bag of 6. W West landed a fish of 8lb and T Novak had one of 9lb in his bag of 8 while I Black bagged a fish of 7lb on a viva.
For further information contact Brian on 07795593922.

B Ewen's fish of 4lb is dwarfed by his 12lb'er

I Black with his 7lb'er


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