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Kevin Moss

Glen of rothes winter report
« on: 26/11/2010 at 14:44 »
Well its definatly that time of year again.The white stuff has arrived.Today Friday,the fishery cleared the road into the fishery so it will be open for fishing ,as it was today.
Craig Thomson had 7 fish on an orange woolie worm with the indicator and it wa sfishing well.Both lochs are clear of any ice with all open so no problems there.Contact the fishery if in any doubts and updates will appear regular.

So business as usual at the fishery for weekend.Just wrap up warm and take it easy.


Kevin Moss

Re: Glen of rothes winter report
« Reply #1 on: 27/11/2010 at 09:59 »
All change.

With heavy snow overnight,many roads are closed and unpassable,so the fishery will be closed over the weekend.We will review it on monday and depending on the forecast,decide if its worth clearing the road with the digger.
regular updates will appear on the web site.

stay warm and safe all