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Kevin Moss

Rumours and the facts!!!
« on: October 25, 2010, 10:36:26 AM »
There is some rumours circulating that the Glen of Rothes Trout fishery has banned the use of Indicators.THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!

The Facts.

We have NOT and NEVER have done,banned the use of indicators.

Anglers are more than welcome to use them and have never been stopped in using them.It is something which is being spread and I can assure any angler it is TOTALLY untrue.

We pride ourselves in respecting all anglers and as long as it is within the rules of most fisheries, we do not follow and hound anglers, rather, anyone who knows us ,help anyone to catch fish and all we want is that they have a good day with us.The only rule we do mention is catch and release, which is for fish health.We have worked hard to get a good reputation and spent alot of time to help anglers with their fishing and we dont sit around deciding on rules to stop anyone catching fish or watching anglers with cameras or binos.if anyone has any questions or is in any doubts please feel free to contact the fishery and gain the facts and truth ,rather than listen to chinese whispers and rumours which are untrue.
We wish all anglers the best as always with their fishing.

weekly report

October 24, 2010
The onset of winter didnt deter some excellent fishing this week and anglers enjoyed some very good catches.mark Morrison had 22 fish with a 6lb er and also a double figure fish among those,Andrew More from Burghead landed a Beauty at 8lbs 2ozs,Craig Thonson had a really exceptional session with 34 fish and his best at 5lb 10oz,Donald Patience from Inverness had 12 fish,Douglas Fraser had a good fish of 8lbs,Gordon Grant had a really fine session with 24 fish and returned a fish of 7lbs plus,Ricky Thompson had fish of 4lb and 5lbs,Ian Munro had 9 fish with his best at 5lb 15oz,Plenty hit the 10 fish mark with John Cowie,Willie Petrie,Slater Scott,Jim Eddie and Dod Gray who also had a fish of 6lbs 8ozs.Gavin Addison had a good day with a fish of 4lb 2ozs among his bag.Best tactics without a doubt have been with a bloodworm under the indicator.Okey dokeys,woolie worms in white and lime and white and orange have been the best with fish taking the occasional drys when temperatures have been ok.We will be holding a Junior winter league starting the same time as the senior winter league from Nov 1st ,rules will be the same apart from fish and cost.We would also like anglers to know that contery to rumours,The fishery have not and have never banned the use of indicators and anglers are welcome to use them at the fishery.


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