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Haddo Trout Fishery ( to January 22nd )
« on: January 22, 2007, 16:12:32 PM »
Hi folks

With ice one day and strong winds the next, the weather certainly played a major role in the sport at Haddo this week. Floating lines with long leaders turned out to be a good choice, with bloodworm, blobs and mini cats proving to be the most productive flies.

Chris McAllister tempted 6 fish up to approx 3 lb, Ian Knox 5 up to 3 lb, Neil Garden 9 up to 8 lb, John Ralph 6 up to 4 lb, Kevin Neri 6 up to 12 lb, Henry Lockhart 7 up to 8 lb and Scott Sim 8 fish up to 6 lb.

Alan Birnie also netted a nice 7 lb rainbow and Andrew McGinn was pleased with just 2 fish for his session, the first was approx 10 lb and the second one was a cracking 12 pounder  :cool:
Best wishes
Mike Barrio

(below) Andrew McGinn with a nice fish  :z16

(below) Kevin Neri starts off his "ice fishing" session today  :z12

(below) It was never going to be easy Kev :z13  

(below) But he manages to winkle a few out .... well done! :z14  

(below) What ....... no float tube photos this week?  :z4
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