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Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery report w/e 21/08/10
« on: August 22, 2010, 10:47:31 AM »
Who said that angling was easy, simple, predictable? Having spent a considerable amount on clearing weed (successfully) and dredging silt in large quantities, we succeeded in creating what we considered to be ideal conditions with clear water only to find now that the fish "forgot the script" and have been less than co-operative and turned up their noses at all presentations. The fish are plentiful - in full view, cruising the upper foot of water and the fish that were tempted put up stubborn resistance. We can only assume they are "off the feed" and that the weather conditions and water temperatures has affected their appetite.
Tomorrow sees the start of a new week with lower temperature predictions and hopefully better catches. However some anglers enjoyed success including P Conlan, Stuartfield with a bag of 15 fish accompanied by S Faithful, Mintlaw who netted 6 fish including 1 at 8lb and 1 at 8lb 11oz, N Thomson, Macduff landed 7 fish, B Warrander, Aberdeen had a plump 8.5lb fish.
The main catching was attributed to Buzzers fished in conjunction with either lures or dry flies.
Delgatie Castle is now a Troutmaster water and welcomes all visiting anglers together with beginners.
A full range of tackle (rods, nets, flies etc) available for hire and boats are also available at extra cost.
Special for next 4 weeks - 2 hours fishing, retain 1 fish for 10.

For all enquiries phone Bob on 07980 999006.  :z15


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