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The end of another week which has seen mixed weather with heavy thundery rain and a persistent North-North East wind. The thundery weather seemed to send the fish lower in the water with some decent catches falling to lures although reasonable returns were obtained from using dry/Buzzer combinations. Nymphs are becoming more productive but, as we have experienced this Summer, anglers have to resort to constantly changing tackle and technique to keep up with the fish.
In common with most fisheries, Delgatie has experienced the "weed" problem but thankfully this was restricted to the edges with the main part of the water staying clear. This week we have brought in diggers and dumpers and are pleased to report the fishing area is now weed free as well as being deeper near the banks.
Among the bigger fish this week the following were recorded:

P Devlin          Cumbernauld     8lb     Gold Head Damsel
R Donald         Macduff            8.5lb   Dry/Buzzer
R Duncan        Turriff              10lb    Hares Lug
W Cameron     Keith                12lb   Black/Green Damsel

With the following anglers recording catches up to 6lbs

R Donald        Macduff             12
P Gray           Turriff                11
W Cameron   Keith                  13
F Thrall         Rosehearty         9
R Duncan      Turriff                 8
P Devlin        Cumbernauld       7
G Reynold     York                    7

It is encouraging to see a few young anglers "learning the trade" and some ladies adding to our numbers.

Delgatie Castle is a Troutmaster water and tackle, rods, boats etc are available for hire.

For all enquiries phone Bob on 07980 999 006.  :z15