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In the words of the song "what a difference a day makes", the fishing dramatically improved on Friday/Saturday with the bigger fish making an overdue appearance both on the surface and immediately sub surface. A considerable number of fish in the 5-6lb range were netted but the best were landed by;

R Donald       Macduff       10lb
L Davidson    Macduff        9.5lb
A Reilly         Aberdeen      8lb
S Meldrum     Burntisland    7.5lb

But size is not everything and good numbers were recorded with the best being;

I Watt           Turriff             11
R Donald        Macduff           15
C Fields         Fraserburgh      9
G Johnston     Girvan             12
J Abel            Fraserburgh      7
G Sutherland   Elgin               11
L Davidson      Macduff           9

The fish were still quite erratic with sunshine and wind sending them down periodically and the evening rise making the water "boil" for short periods. The fish behaviour led to a large range of successful end tackle with lures (Cat's whiskers, Yellow Dancer and Blobs) accounting for good catches whilst drys (CDC and Hoppers) also successful. However, pride of place goes to Buzzers which accounted for more fish than all the others together.

Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery is now a Troutmaster water where all anglers are welcome and beginners and ladies are encouraged. Bookings not necessary. For all details phone Bob on 07980 999006.