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Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery report w/e 26/06/10
« on: June 27, 2010, 13:30:49 PM »
The end of another week, which started so well, with good returns for Sunday - Wednesday and stiffer fishing from Thursday - Saturday, it is difficult to credit the change in catching to any one reason as we have now exhausted all the theories regarding wind, rain and water temperature. Could I suggest another reason and that is that anglers looking through the fish reports are seeing more "dry flies" and "buzzers" mentioned, are not relating this to the numbers of fish caught and are therefore relulctant to tie on a lure or nymph. Remember all surface activity is not always related to "catchable" fish.
Some good catches were still recorded and included:

M James        Lancaster      21 fish to 4lb (dry/buzzers)
C Field          Fraserburgh    15 fish to 3.5lb (lures)
S MacLean    Fraserburgh     8 fish to 4.5lb (lures)
R Donald       Macduff          8 fish to 4lb (dry/buzzers)
M Guest       Shropshire        6 fish to 3.5lb (dry)

Let us now look at the "thorny" question of what is acceptable as a lure. Should snakes and egg flies be banned and should several other lures and fishing methods be scrutinised. We would encourage debate on these issues, not only from anglers, but also from fishery operators and other interested parties. Email to or reply on the forum at

Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery is now a Troutmaster water and beginners are encouraged. Rods and tackle for hire.

For all details phone Bob on 07980 999 006



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