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This week the weather has really bugged us with consistently low temperatures and a changeable wind coming mainly from the North - North East. Despite this, good catches have been returned including:

M MacPherson, Lhanbryde    24 fish to 4.5lbs   Cormorant
A MacPherson, Lhanbryde    14 fish to 3.5lbs   Lures
A Davidson, Inverness         12 fish to 2.5lbs   Bob's Bits
K MacKay, Inverness           15 fish to 3lbs     Buzzers
G MacKay, Inverness           12 fish to 2.5 lbs  Buzzers
R Donald, MacDuff              14 fish to 6lbs      Dry - Buzzers
B Gray, Largue                   10 fish to 4lbs      Dry - Bunny Leech
C McPhee, Peterhead          21 fish to 3.5lbs   Wooly Worm

From the end tackle selection we can see that the fish were feeding at times near the top and at other times much deeper. The bigger fish were staying very deep and were quite lethargic. This weeks weather appears to be much of the same with improvement (possibly) at the weekend.
Jonathan, who you all know, enjoyed a full day in his float tube with moderate success - brave man, isn't he.
It looks like the dry fly box will remain in your pockets for a few days yet and do not pack away the lures until we get a rise in temperature and a change in wind direction.

Tight lines to you all

Remeber - Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery is now a Troutmaster water. For all enquiries phone Bob on 07980 999 006