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Mike Barrio

Haddo Trout Fishery ( to January 8th )
« on: January 07, 2007, 23:58:19 PM »
Hi folks

The water is still very cold at Haddo and the fishing has not been easy this week, but a few nice fish have been making an appearance.

Sam Martin tempted a nice rainbow trout of approx 10 lb on a Damsel, Camy Knox a 9 pounder on Black Nymph, Jim Eddie a fish of around 7 lb on Mini Cats and Sandy Nelson a cracking 11 lb rainbow on Red Hook.

Jim Adie fished Bloodworm and Buzzers for his winter league entry and tempted 14 fish up to 4 lb. John Brown fished a home tied Cats variant for his league entry and enjoyed some great sport with 19 fish up to 10+ lb, including a "tricky moment" when he found himself netting a charr on the dropper and another large rainbow of approx 9 lb on the point fly at the same time.

Junior anglers have got the year off to a good start too, Andrew Lockhart caught the first fish of 2007 on his "Pink Buzzer" and went on to tempt 5 up to approx 8 lb, Daniel Nelson netted 3 to 3 lb on bloodworm and Lewis Calderbank caught 4 fish up to 3 lb on buzzers .......... Well done the youngsters!  :wink:

(below) Jim Adie did well in very windy conditions

(below) Brian Brand gets some help with the net from Logan Hadden

(below) John Brown was a bit confused by a hard fighting wee charr that was half out of the water on the dropper  :roll:

(below) But all became clearer when he realised what had taken his point fly  :wink:

Best wishes
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Brian Brand

Haddo Trout Fishery ( to January 8th )
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2007, 22:11:13 PM »

Don't slag off my Yellow Fritz again!! :z4

Joking aside it was a great day out,
Many Thanks,


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