Michael Buchan

First Brownie of the year
« on: April 23, 2010, 20:17:54 PM »
Fished Marnoch Lodge on the Deveron today. Started out fishing for salmon unfortunately no springers did see one fish and landed a kelt about 7lb. 
Around 12 o’clock started to see the odd olive popping off then notice a few trout rising so went back to the car and set up the trout rod.  I picked up a new Rio LT trout line from Frank at turriff tackle when I got my permit so wanted to give it a bash.  Took a bit getting used to. After missing about 5 rises in a row landed my first brownie of the year  :z4.  Took a olive emerger might not be the biggest but i was chuft.

Olives continued to come off till around 4:30 a few nice fish were rising despite it being bitterly cold.

Stoped around 5:30 as was soaked and freezing waded a bit to deep trying to reach a beauty at the far bank  :oops

Off to Fetternear on the Don tomorrow so hopefully get my fist salmon of the year.



Re: First Brownie of the year
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2010, 22:56:55 PM »
Well done Michael,

still waiting to get the singlehander out for Trout myself, hopefully tomorrow. It was a miserably cold wet and muddy day today and almost May??????!

Best of luck on the Don tomorrow.


Paul Rankine

Re: First Brownie of the year
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2010, 23:40:22 PM »
Hi Michael,
                  Well done in the wind !  :wink


Barry Robertson

Re: First Brownie of the year
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2010, 17:43:53 PM »
Well done michael iam sure you will have a few more to come yet  :z18


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