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What can we say about this week other than it was dominated by cold North-North East winds and low temperatures. From Monday to Wednesday reasonable returns were recorded including:

M James     Lancaster     31 fish to 5lbs
C Stephen  Fraserburgh   17 fish to 5.5lbs
P Morrison  Peterhead     16 fish to 3lbs
G West      Banff            15 fish to 5.5lbs

From Thursday to Sunday we have struggled to record big catches though most anglers were successful to an extent.

The catches this week have fallen to Buzzers although the evening produced best results to lures fished deep. The fish appear to be up and down like a fiddlers elbow as we have varied from catching a few on dry flies but more on W.B.W and Cat's Whiskers with Buzzers edging to the top of the league.

Let's not pretend, we all know that results for the last two weeks have been difficult - let's tell it as it is! Apart from when describing the size and weight of their last catch, most anglers are honest enough to realise that inflated reports achieve nothing.

What the past week has taught us is that anglers have only two problems left to overcome:

1) when to change
2) what to change to

Simple - isn't it?

Tight lines to everyone.

We are now a Troutmaster water and details of forthcoming competitions and events will be published shortly.

For all information - call Bob on 07980 999 006