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Lochter mon. 12/4/10
« on: April 12, 2010, 16:39:25 PM »
Hi folks, Got up today and decided to go for a cast,initially could'nt make my mind up where to go fearing at the still waters it might be to fine.! However plunked for Lochter(my decision influenced by a certain female employee who works in the restaurant) when i got there there was quite a stiff breeze blowing from the northeast,perfect.

I tackled up with my usual setup, 8ft-5wt,wf 6 floater and a 3 fly cast. Bloodworm on the point, large (but skinny) peacock herl buzzer mid. dropper and a diawl bach top.(10 ft leader approx, 8lb fluo).

Fished for an hour pretty much getting a take per cast, landed 7 fish all fin perfect in the 2/3lb range apart from the 7th fish which was a picture perfect 10lber which was quite a handfull on the small outfit. Stopped for a coffee and it clouded over ,the temperature dropped noticably,returned to the fishing and the rules had changed,the fish had gone off,next hour a couple of takes(both missed) and 1 fish lost but all in all a good session.  tightlines Big Ash

p.s. Blanked in the restaurant, !

Matt Henderson

Re: Lochter mon. 12/4/10
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2010, 17:09:53 PM »
it would only have got in the way of your fishing anyways....


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