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Dalgetie Fishing Report w/e 14/03/10
« on: 14/03/2010 at 19:52 »
The fishing this week has been a bit sporadic - one good day then a more difficult one but the end of the week, and the weekend, have been very productive. Let's hope the weather and temperatures will settle down.
Best lures this week have been Bloodworm, Buzzer, Cat's Whisker and Cormorant. Green and white being the best colour variants.
Some of the better recorded catches were:
Billy Milne with 40 fishes up to 7.5lbs
A Gibson         20 up to 3lbs
B Hutcheon     18 up to 4 lbs
J Rennie          14 up to 4lbs
G Sutherland    8 up to 3.75lbs
S Faithfull       15 up to 4lbs
S Alexander     12 up to 4lbs
P Conlane       11 up to 3.5lbs
The best fish of the week was Billy Milne with a cracking 7.5lbs.
The fishery is now a Trout Master Water with fish tickets available.
Boats and tackle for hire.
For all enquiries phone 07980 999006 and ask for Bob.