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Dalgetie Fishing Report 7th March 2010
« on: March 07, 2010, 20:37:59 PM »
Hi folks :cool:
Here is a copy of a report that Bob sent me via email today ...... hopefully he'll join the forum and post reports.

Best wishes

The fishing this week has been excellent and apart from partial icing on Tuesday/Wednesday, the loch has remained ice free.
The most productive lures have been Buzzers, Blobs and Bloodworm and Spiders - various others have been yielding some nice fish.
The Fishery now operates with "Fish Tickets" available, and is now a Trout Master Water.
All enquiries to:
07980 999006 ask for Bob.
Name                   Fish caught        Up to Weight
Sandy Alexander     10                    7lbs
A Gibson                9                     3.5lbs
P Conlane              7                      3lbs
S Faithfull              10                    4lbs
Zander Hall             7                     4lbs
J Rennie                 11                   3.5lbs
L Wood                   9                    4lbs
I Sutherland             9                    3lbs
Keith Duncan           19                   8lbs
Tyler Hay                22                   4lbs
Biggest fish of the week goes to Keith Duncan with a really nice 8lb specimen.
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