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Kevin Moss

glen of rothes report
« on: March 07, 2010, 18:11:24 PM »
March 7, 2010
bright sunshine during the week didnt help the fishing but towards the end and into the weekend as temperatures rose and cloud cover came in,the fishing got much better and anglers had very good sport.Blues were a main feature and scrapped hard.Karen Gillies had 21 fish and 12 of which were blues ,returning 2 over 7lbs,O Kane Mclennan had a great day with 12 fish and his highlight was a Brown of 5lbs which when back in form would be alot bigger and was returned to the water unharmed,Fred Reid had a good bag of 1lbs 9ozs with 2 fish of 6lb 4oz and 5lb 5oz,Bill taylor had a fish of 6 to 7lbs and another at 4lb 8oz,Jim Eddie had a 6lb 13oz,Colin Moffat a 4lb 10oz,and peter Green and Tom Anderson had fish of 4lbs.We now have nearly all the water open with only some ice left in the small loch which is now fishable and with temperatures this week due to be good,things should be back to normal. 


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