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« on: September 12, 2006, 00:43:59 AM »
The surface activity has continued to provide good sport at Haddo this week, with Adams, Sedgehogs, Bibio, Loch Ordie, Klinks, CDC emergers, Hoppers, Spiders and Daddies all proving useful. The trout did move deeper at times however, when a change to Damsels, Olive Alex, Cats, Vivas, black Fritz and Bloodworm worked well.

The Blues have been the best takers, but some nice Rainbows, Browns and Charr have come to the net as well of course.

Bill Bain tempted 18 fish up to 6 lb, Ian Forrest 15 up to 9 lb, Alistair Davidson 17 up to 3 lb, Ken Bateman 11 up to 6lb 4 oz, Scott Sim 12 up to 4 lb, Stephen Davidson 13 up to 4 lb (including 8 charr!) Ben Bryant 9 up to 6 lb 8 oz, Peter Wilson 17 up to 5 lb 8 oz, Kenny Hall 15 up to 3 lb and Alex Burnett 23 fish up to 3 lb 8 oz. Alex returned a couple of days later and netted 32 fish up to 5 lb for his session.

Float tubing continues to be popular at Haddo, Iain Cameron launched himself for a maiden voyage and had great fun tempting 5 fish on Spiders, Ian Brown also gave the sport a try for the first time and netted 9 fish for his evening.

Haddo is fully booked for club outings on Friday September 15th and Saturday the 16th I'm afraid, but please phone me on 07810 868897 for availability at other times.

(below) Ian Brown trying out float tubing for the 1st time  :cool:

(below) Iain Cameron on his maiden voyage too  :cool:

Best wishes
Mike Barrio
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