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Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes weekly report
« on: 07/02/2010 at 15:53 »
better weather made the fishing more bearable,with the first half of the week doing very well,untill a sharp drop again intemperatures ,threw fish off fo a couple of days and mornings did well and afternoons was a little bit harder.They did settle down again and fishing was good.There was plenty of good fish around and Blues made themselves available again with Nicky bremner taking 20 fish and 18 of which were Blues.Jim Walker had 10 with blues among them.MarK Morrison a very lucky angler collected his 8th Tagged fish for a prize of 100,Dave Leitch had some great fishing with an 11lb,er and 3 over the 6lb mark,Jamie Hay had 12 with a &lb 8ozs fish his best,George Ross had a 4lb and a 6lb 8ozs fish,Willie Simpson had a fish of 7lb 4oz,jason Marriot had 13 fish with his best a nice 5lb ,er,Ian Morrison on 2 trips had 16 and 14 fish,Bob Anderson had a good day with 16,Slater Scott had 12,Merrick Jones went to town with 26 fish,and Chris Johnstone had flies have been nymphs,buzzers,white and black,mainly fished on intermediate and floating lines, often enough with an indicator.There is no ice at time of writing and all lochs are clear.In times of very bad weather,daily updates are on the website.