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Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery
« on: 12/12/2009 at 17:59 »
Hi Folks
            With the colder conditions. The fish have certainly gone deeper.
With no rain for the past week. The water has had a chance to get clear.
We have had just a touch of ice at the top end near the reeds.
Otherwise just cold. -4c for Sat AM

Best patterns for last week
Hares Ear, Buzzer, Bloodworm, Yellow Dancer, Cats Whisker and Various Lures

Alistair Gibson enjoyed a 4hr session with 21 fish up to 4lb
Bob Ross enjoyed some good sport fishing with 21 fish up to 8lb
Kenny Milne had 12 fish up to 5lb
Phil Gray had 10 fish up to 3lb 8oz
Sandy Alexandar had 9 fish up to 4lb
Ian Rose and Robert Donald both had 7 fish up to 3lb
Alan McDonald, Norman Thomson, Zander Hall and Steve Faithfull all had 5 fish each up to 6lb

We are open for Boxing day 09:00 hrs

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