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Haddo Trout Fishery ( to Nov 30th )
« on: 30/11/2009 at 19:39 »
Hi folks :cool:

A combination of the colder weather and possibly some early Christmas shopping with "SWMBO" normally leads to lower numbers of anglers on the water at this time of the year and this has been the case this week. There has been quite a dramatic drop in the water temperature this week too and a couple of night's frost will find it very easy to produce ice on the loch.

Anglers are starting to find larger flies productive, like Damsels, Fritz, Pearly Whites, Cormorants, black lures and ...... a blast from the past, the Ace of Spades, but Bloodworm, Spiders and Buzzers have also proved worth a swim :wink

Zander Christie enjoyed a great session with 26 fish up to 9 lb, Mark Petrie netted 20 up to 8 lb, Brian Liebenberg 14 to 5 lb, Bob Alexander 12 to 7 lb, Derek Wiseman 12 to 6 lb, Colin McKinnon 8 to 6 lb, Michael Nicholson 6 to 9 lb, Alan Lyon 6 to 8 lb, Graham Sheedy 6 to 6 lb, Matt Cowan 6 to 6 lb and Dave Olley tempted the largest trout of the week when he caught 5 fish up to 12 lb.

Best wishes


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