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Haddo Winter League 2009/2010 ..... updates New
« on: 22/11/2009 at 19:45 »
Hi folks :cool:

The Haddo Winter League is a friendly bit of fun to help pass the colder season and is a great excuse to get out the fishing gear once or twice per month.
The competition is based on the number of fish netted in a 4 hour session, anglers can fish one or two sessions per month and their best session of the two will count as their entry :wink

How is it going so far? Here are the top 14 anglers ....................

Jim Adie (Oct-47) (Nov-29) (Dec-18) total 94
Alex Burnett (Oct-41) (Nov-22) total 63
Jay Scott (Oct-35) (Nov-22) total 57
Steve Corsar (Oct-28) (Nov-14) (Dec-12) total 54
Alan Birnie (Oct-14) (Nov-10) (Dec-12) total 36
Michael Troup (Oct-15) (Nov-2) (Dec-15) total 32
Dave Olley (Oct-15) (Nov-5) (Dec-5) total 25
Tommy Graham (Oct-19) (Nov-3) (Dec-2) total 24
Sandy Reid (Oct-15) (Nov-2) (Dec-5) total 22
Fred McAlley (Oct-11) (Nov-8) total 19
Scott Sim (Oct-3) (Nov-9) (Dec-7) total 19
Derek Troup (Oct-10) (Nov-2) total 12
Ross Cruickshank (Oct-10) (Nov-2) total 12
Michael Nicholson (Oct-3) (Nov-7) total 10

Everybody enjoys this wee league, it doesn't seem to matter if they are at the top or the bottom of the table :z12

Best wishes
Mike Barrio
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