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Glen Of rothes to sept 20th
« on: September 20, 2009, 18:29:17 PM »
Another fantastic week of fishing by anglers seeing many nice Blues coming in and fish are chasing flys well pulled top of the water as they fatten for of the flys have been silver Budgies,lime and black lures,Buzzers in orange and white and spider patterns along with daddys.Top fish ahd to go to Andrew More who landed a common Carp of 18lb 2ozs on the fly,Willie Petrie had a well deserved tagged fish and 100 along with a 6lb 10ozs fish alsoin his 12 fish bag.Roy Anderson had 27,Jimmy Rhind had 17,Slater Scott had 22,Steph pozorski 15,Brian Brown 10,Bill Greig had a 4lber,Mike Matthews 12,Donnie Davidson had 5lb 2ozs,Jim Walker 16,Alex Forrester 14,John Cowie 12,Alec Simpson 10,Jim Eddie 15,Ian Munro 12,Michael Clark had a 7lb fish,John Vanwyk 11,les Aitken had a 6lber,Robert Cooper had 11 fish with his best at 4lbs,david Quinn 13,Ian kerr 15,Alan Noble 16,gordon Grant 15,Tom Anderson 15 and A ndy Johnston 14 fish.

Andrew More with his carp 18lbs 2ozs. on Fly


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